Piper by G. Gene Black

The Genre: Fiction / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology / musical -— live or animation. The Piper screenplay is 120 pages of a three-act story and libretto with strong female leads. Logline: The onset of printing arrives with great conflict in the STORYBOOK village of Thymes c.1712. A cocktail of history, pirates, myth, creatures, and a very bad witch. In a heartfelt relationship, orphan siblings grow up in the wild and battle a witch turned pirate on a quest for printed stories for her Book of Mischief. Conflict brews as the Old Crow hatches a scheme where there can be NO MORE STORIES!

Screenplay Excerpts

The screenplay: Set during the golden age of piracy, it's a time when the advent of the printing press created a society where those who controlled stories possessed great wisdom and power over others. The Old Crow, a witch turned pirate, is intriguing and powerful as she leads an army of fierce giant buzzards. With an all-seeing-eye beneath a black eye patch, she's the most feared pirate of all time and on a quest for printed stories for her Book of Mischief.

In the first act, the printing of storytelling had come to the countryside and village of Thymes. The Old Crow is the antagonist as the young orphans, Piper and Kaprina, raise themselves in the wild before beginning their journey to Winkenstein. Their hope is they'll discover the secrets of Piper's magical book, but there's trouble at every turn.

Piper's music is magical as the second act continues and they journey to Winkenstein. The story is filled with action, surprise and adventure as the Old Crow and mythical creatures bring alive worlds we've all known to exist.

Conflict brews in a colorful final act as the Old Crow, thought to have been defeated and exiled, hatches a scheme where there can be No More Stories. In a surreal setting, Piper becomes a true hero.

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