Welcome to the home page of G.Gene Black and his work on the title Piper. Here you'll find excerpts of the full feature script, reviews, a peek at book illustrations, and excerpts. The author presents his musical and story of Piper (308 pages) written to appeal to a wide audience. We hope that you'll enjoy the story and the youthful song lyrics within.

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Unique from the screenplay, the book includes a back-story alongside the tales of Winkenstein; it's illustrated with black-and-white drawings and intended for ages nine and up. In both formats, there's action at every turn as Piper and Kaprina combat evil and journey to Winkenstein.

Illustrations for the book Piper are by Kevin E. Cain

The story's divided into three acts (included) and available in a feature script, hardback, paperback, eBook, and Kindle.

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